most dangerous road in the world

Most Dangerous Road in the World – Bayburt – Of Yolu

The most dangerous road in the World – Derebasi Bends and the entire D915 road in Turkey will surely impress and challenge at the same time. Some roads delight your eyes, others fill your soul with joy. Some trails take you exactly where you want and others where you least expect. How can a road that looks as if it was sketched by a third-grade child give you so many mood changes in about 20 km? These images and the video below will provide all the information you need to ride this fantastic road.

most dangerous road in the World
D915 – Derebasi Bends, Turkey

D915, or the Road to Hell as it has been called by other adventure travelers has gained the surname of the World’s Most Dangerous Road. A narrow path leads you from ecstasy to agony, and you ascend abruptly to dizzying heights just to achieve a state of complete bliss. The pinnacle of happiness today has a name – Bayburt-Of Yolu.

When you are aware of what’s next, your soul is bursting with enthusiasm, but the heart becomes as small as a flea. A twisting road winds up the mountain, leaving behind the vastness of the Black Sea.  

The road from Of, a coastal town, to Bayburt up in the mountain is 106 km long, out of which 20 km are unpaved. The road ascends gently along tea plantations and charming landscapes. As you continue riding up, the road gets narrower and doesn’t leave room for 2 vehicles at the same time. The turns are tighter and tighter, the road sloping, the apex variable, and the landscapes more impressive. You must stop to take a picture.

Claudia Palfi – adventure traveler

It’s absolutely fascinating. I have no words to describe how beautiful this place is! You would stop, every second of every minute, after every corner to take a picture.

D915 - Bayburt - Of Road Turkey
Claudia Palfi – adventure traveler on Bayburt-Of Yolu

The asphalt ends abruptly, leaving a narrow path to guide us. From time-to-time cold streams flow from the rocky wall of the mountain, flooding the stone road. A few sections of road give your heart palpitations and the fact that there are no guardrails of any sort, squeezes a few drops of sweat to the most experienced riders.

Dangerous Roads - Demirkapi Pass Turkey
Bayburt-Of Road, Turkey

And when you think you’re clear and the road gets better, the toughest turns you’ve ever seen come in your way.  13 tight turns take you on a steep incline from 1712m to 2035m in altitude in only 5 km.  The road is narrow, has a slope between 6% and 10% and no guardrails in sight. Some turns are so tight that they can’t be taken in one go unless you’re an expert. Others, have zero visibility and the thought that another vehicle could come from the other side reduces your momentum significantly. Sometimes knowing what’s coming can be intimidating. Fear paralyzes you; your heart skips a beat, and you feel a chill running down your spine. You are riding the most dangerous road in the world.

most dangerous road in the World

Adrenaline helps you move on. You continue riding and start thinking it’s not that bad after all.  And so it was. You take on corner after corner, after corner and stop up in Demirkapi Pass to admire the view. Even the most dangerous road in the world can be ridden with responsibility.

D915 Bayburt-Of Yolu via Derebasi Virajlari has been voted as the most dangerous road in the world and we might add, the road with some of the most beautiful landscapes. That’s if you’re lucky enough to catch it in good weather. In severe weather conditions, it is not recommended to make this trip. Weather changes fast up on the mountain. Snow can be seen on top of the mountain even in September. Visibility can reduce significantly, a thick, white fog can cover the entire road section in a matter of minutes and falling rocks can ruin all your fun (explicit images in the video below).

Turkey motorcycle tours

The D915 road was built by Russian soldiers during the 1916-1918 invasion. The story tells that the road was built using only hand tools, without the help of any machines. With a history of over 100 years, the D915 was the main link between the Black Sea and the towns of Bayburt and Erzurum.

The path connected for the first time the Black Sea, Eastern Anatolia and Iran and is the shortest way to reach the mountain area for the people of Caykara and Of.

most dangerous road in the world

For a long time, there was no other alternative to connect these settlements.  Today, however, there are 2 less dangerous off-road alternatives, as well as paved alternatives that ease travel between these areas. Bayburt-Of Yolu left its mark and made us crave for more.

Turkey is an amazing motorcycle destination. You can ride on your own or take advantage of the knowledge of the motorcycle tour operators.

Motorcycle Tours Europe proposes a great motorbike adventure linking Eastern Europe with Asia.

Highlights for this motorcycle tour in Turkey

  • Motorbike Rides along Aegean Sea, Mediterranean SeaBlack Sea & Marmara Sea
  • Cross Bosphorus & Dardanelles Straits
  • ANZAC Cove – the main base for the Australian and NZ troops during the Gallipoli campaign.
  • Archaeological site of Troy – UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Ancient City of Ephesus – remains of the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”
  • Cappadocia –  exceptional natural wonders, fairy chimneys and a unique cultural heritage

World's most dangerous road
Demirkapi Pass, D915 Bayburt-Of Yolu, Turkey

Video of Bayburt – Of Yolu:

Bayburt – Of Road starting from minute 07:00

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