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Check out this Top 10 Best European Motorcycle Tours 2023-2024-2025.

Europe is one of the best travel destination, but for the motorcycle riders is a dream come true. Medieval castles, high alpine roads and fabulous views, if you add in art, history and delicious cuisine, you’re in for an amazing adventure. Europe covers 2% from Earth’s surface, covering 50 sovereign states. In some of them, the climate allows you to ride your motorcycle only 6 months/year, and some, most of the year. Here’s Top 10 motorcycle tours to experience when in Europe. The selection is based on the quality of the motorcycles used, hotel classification, altitude, landscapes.

Top 10 best on-road European Motorcycle Tours 2023-2024-2025

1. Mighty Alps

Countries: Austria – Germany – Switzerland – Italy
Duration: 15 days
Start point: Vienna, Austria
Mighty Alps european motorbike Tours include some of the highest mountain roads of Europe. The high alpine passes will challenge the rider in you with their narrow roads and numerous twists and turns. The tour is designed for motorcycle riders with advance riding skills.


Stelvio Pass – the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps – 2757m in altitude
Umbrail Pass – the highest paved road in Switzerland.
Passo del Giovo, 2094 m in altitude
Albula Pass and the rugged Albula Gorge, 2312 m in altitude
Tremosine Gorge – once referred to as the eighth wonder of the world
Spectacular views over Lake Garda – the largest lake in Italy
Juliet’s Balcony in Verona
Venice – the floating city


Stelvio Pass, 2756m

2. Motorbike Tours EuropeEastern Europe Motorcycle Tour

Countries: Romania – Hungary – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia Hertzegovina – Montenegro – Albania – Macedonia – Serbia
Duration: 18 days
Start point: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Best of Eastern Europe Motorcycle Tours takes you on an amazing ride back in time. Ride the Medieval villages of Transylvania and its highest mountain roads, Capital city of Hungary – Budapest will impress you; the twists and turns of Slovenia will fascinate you and the Dalmatian Coast will make you stop every 5 minutes just to take a picture. Boy what a trip. Albania is a gem, Macedonia a dream and the Danube Gorge, Serbian side an incredible motorcycle ride.

Visit Budapest – the city of Spa’s, Hungary’s capital city
Walk Plitvitze Jezero – the oldest national park in Europe
Ride along the Adriatic Sea to Dubrovnik, the most beautiful Croatian city
Enjoy a ride on the serpentine road of Kotor Bay – known as Europe’s southernmost fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Derdap National Park – the famous Iron Gates Gorge, the gateway to the southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains.
Ride to the clouds on Transalpina – the highest road in Romania
Transfăgărășan Road – the most crooked and challenging road for motorcyclists


Kotor Bay, Montenegro

3. Best of Transylvania Motorcycle Tour

Country: Romania
Duration: 7 days
Start point: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ever since Top Gear Crew filmed here one of the series, the mountain roads of Romania have become a Mecca for motorcycle riders. If you love motorcycle travels, riding Transfagarasan Road is something you must do, at least once in a life time. But, once you’re here, we guarantee that you will want to do that more than once. Besides Transfagarasan Road, Transylvania lures you here with other high alpine roads, medieval castles and citadels and the blood thirsty Count Dracula.

Highlights for this Romania Motorcycle Tour
Ride Transfagarasan Road – probably the Best road in the World
Explore Transalpina Highway – highest mountain road in Romania (2 145 m above sea level
Be amazed by Transbucegi Road – the newest mountain road in Romania (1925 m above sea level)
Have a stopover at Bran Castle – aka Dracula’s Castle in  legendary Transylvania, dating back to 1377
Visit Rasnov Peasant Citadel – the largest peasant fortification ever built in Eastern Europe
Peles Palace – one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe, home to most of Romania’s monarchs
Explore medieval Brasov – with its outstanding atmosphere, one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe


bear cubs on Transfagarasan

4. Motorcycle Tours in Morocco

Countries: Spain and Morocco/ Europe and Africa
Duration: 15 days
Start point: Malaga, Spain

What an incredible adventure this is. Take the leap and cross the Straight of Gibraltar to North Africa. A whole different World opens up for you to explore. From the Mediterranean Sea to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains and down to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, each day is a new adventure.

Highlights for this Morocco Motorcycle Tour:

High Atlas and Middle Atlas Mountains motorcycle rides
Tizi-n Tichka Pass – 2,260 meters above the sea level
Dades Gorges – ride the famous hair pins curves of Morocco
Chefchaouen – the Blue Pearl of Morocco
Todra Gorge – one of the most spectacular canyons in the World
City of Fez – also known as the Athens of Africa
Camel Ride at Sand Dunes of Erg Chebbi
Volubilis – best preserved roman ruins in Morocco
Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar

Camel Ride Sahara Desert

camel ride in the Sahara Desert

5. Turkey Motorcycle Tour – Best European Motorcycle Tours

Countries: Bulgaria and Turkey/Europe and Asia
Duration: 16 days
Start point: Sofia, Bulgaria

Combine your East Europe Motorcycle Tour with Asia, motorcycle tours Turkey. Step out of your comfort zone and cross the Bosporus Straight onto Asian Territory.  The tour includes rides along 5 seas, crossing 2 straights, visiting historical places and archaeological sites of astonishing value.

Motorbike Rides along Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, & Black Sea
Cross Bosphorus & Dardanelles Straits
ANZAC Cove – the main base for the Australian and NZ troops during the Gallipoli campaign.
Archaeological site of Troy – UNESCO World Heritage.
Ancient City of Ephesus – remains of the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”
Cappadocia – exceptional natural wonders, fairy chimneys and a unique cultural heritage

Trojan Horse Turkey

Trojan Horse in Canakkale

6. Motorbike Holiday Greece – Best European Motorcycle Tours

Country: Greece
Duration: 11 days
Start point: Thessaloniki, Greece

Mountains, seas, Ancient Oracles and impressive ancient cities – welcome to Greece, the cradle of civilization. The itinerary starts in Northern Greece in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki and continues south through traditional Greek villages, Meteoras, islands and remote areas. Greece is a constant surprise with its amazing landscapes and ingenious innovations.

Highlights for motorcycle touring Greece:
Ride on Mount Olympus Ride –highest mountain in Greece, home for mythological Greek Gods
Visit Meteora – complex of Greek Monasteries, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Enjoy Delphi – home of ancient Oracle of Apollo, UNESCO World Heritage site
Walk the streets of Athens – birth place of democracy, cradle of civilization
Cross Rio-Antirrio Bridge – ride on the world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges, an engineering masterpiece
Tzoumerca National Park – bends for a lifetime


Rio-Antirrio Bridge, Patras

7. Romania Motorcycle Tours

Country: Romania
Duration: 11 days
Start point: Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania – Romania

This Best of Romania – Motorcycle Tour is one of the must do guided motorcycle tours in Europe. Departing from the city of Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania, Romania the tour includes 11 days/10 nights. The itinerary covers 1928 km of the most important regions of Romania: Transylvania, Moldavia and Wallachia.

The tour takes you riding on some of the best motorcycle roads in Europe. Transfagarasan Road, Transalpina Highway, Transbucegi or Transrarau will all open their roads for you in an amazing Romanian motorbike experience.

Highlights for this motorcycle tour Romania:

Transfăgărășan Road – the most challenging of Europe’s roads for motorcyclists, probably the Best in the World
Transalpina Highway – one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains (2 145m above sea level)
Transbucegi Road (1925m above sea level). It seems like this road offers the Best views.
Transrarau – third most beautiful alpine road in Romania after Transfăgărășan and Transalpina
Transceahlau – a narrow, sinuous road cutting through Ceahlău Natural Park
Bran Castle – also known as Dracula’s Castle, a legendary Transylvanian fortress dating back to 1377.
Explore the Medieval Saxon city of Brasov with its outstanding medieval atmosphere, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe.

Europe motorcycle Tours

Transrarau in Bucovina

8. Vampire Motorcycle Tour in Transylvania

Country: Romania
Duration: 5 days
Start point: Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania – Romania

Vampires, myths and dark legends
One of the Best motorcycle trips in the World is this 5-day Vampire Motorcycle Tour in Transylvania, Romania. The itinerary includes motorbike rides on some of the Best motorcycle roads in the World. The tour is completed with attractions related to Vlad the Impaler – also known as Dracula.

Transylvania is a magical land famous for its fabulous landscapes, medieval castles and the myth created around Dracula.

Highlights for this Dracula Motorcycle Tour in Transylvania:

Ride Transfagarasan Road – the most sinuous and challenging of Europe’s roads for motorcyclists
Enjoy Transalpina Road – highest in Romania (2 145m above sea level)
Visit Bran Castle – also known as Dracula’s Castle, a legendary Transylvanian fortress dating back to 1377.
Turda Salt Mines – with impressive halls named after kings and queens
Walk the cobbled stone streets of Alba Iulia Citadel – a fortress with seven bulwarks
Spend the night in Sighisoara. A Medieval Citadel, the place where Vlad Dracula was born.

medieval citadels Transylvania

Sighisoara, Vlad Dracula birth place

If you only have a small fraction of time to spend in Europe and want to enjoy riding best European motorcycle tours you can always choose the services of  motorcycle rental Romania in the city of Turda (Transylvania). Why from here? Turda is in the very heart of the country, close to the highway and easy access to all high mountain roads. This places you just a couple of hours away from Transfagarasan Road or Transalpina Highway. Should you like the company of a tour guide, check out the day tours below:

9. Day Tours – Romanian Motorcycle Tours

Transfagarasan Road, Transalpina Highway, The Road of the General and many other amazing mountain roads are just a short ride away.

10. Motorcycle Short Breaks – Fly-Ride Motorcycle Tours in Europe

If you’ve got more than 1 day to explore, combine the best motorcycle roads in the area and start exploring. This selection of Motorcycle Short Breaks will do the trick. Select yours, from 2 day tours, 3 day short breaks or 4 day adventures.

Have a look at the best European motorcycle tours for 2023-2024-2025 and select your favorite. You can join in these adventures by selecting your preferred motorcycle model. BMW motorcycle rental services in Europe include: BMW G650GS, BMW F750GS, BMW F800GS, BMW F850GS, BMW R1200GS and BMW R1250GS.

You can always join in on your own motorcycle, just send an e-mail to, and secure your spot.


Chain Bridge, Budapest

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