Stelvio Pass Italy

Stelvio Pass Italy

Stelvio Pass Italy – ride the best motorcycle roads in Italy, explore its fascinating places and admire the beautiful architecture and views that take your breath away.

Forget about Dolce far Niente (the sweetness of doing nothing), let’s go outside and explore one of the best motorcycle roads in Italy. No wait! Scratch that! One of the best motorcycle roads in the World!

Jeremy Clarkson from BBC’s Top Gear referred to it as: “15 miles of Asphalt spaghetti draped on an Alp”.

best motorcycle roads in Italy - Stelvio

The Genious Mind

You might ask yourself what devious (or genius) mind would construct such narrow, abrupt roads, that still service both ways making your heart pump like never before? Well, Italian engineer Carlo Donegani is responsible for what is considered to be one of the best roads in the World, Stelvio Pass.

Stelvio Pass
descending from Stelvio Pass

The History

A high alpine road in the north of Italy, right on the border with Switzerland, Stelvio’s highest point is at 2757m, making it the highest paved mountain pass in Eastern Alps. The original road was built in 1820–1825 by the Austrian Empire to connect the former Habsburg possession of Lombardy with Austria. The route has changed very little over time.

Stelvio Pass – northern side

Stelvio Pass Italy – The Bends

75 hairpin turns with the 48 curves on the northern side being known to be particularly very challenging, Stelvio Pass shows you some serious riding, making your heart beat faster and faster. Starting from Prato to Bormio, the road gets narrower, with extremely tight switchbacks, in most of its parts not allowing 2 vehicles at the same time.

Who could believe that so much adrenaline can be fit in only 21 km?

An average incline of 7.4 %, the cars coming from the opposite direction and the abyss on your right side make you grind your teeth and learn some new prayers on the way.

Stelvio Pass Italy
best roads in the World – Stelvio Pass

Best Time to Ride

Due to the high altitude and weather conditions, the road is open from June to September, and completely closed for motorized traffic on the last Saturday of August. Stelvio Bike Day closes the normal traffic and opens its gates for cyclists only.

We recommend venturing on Stelvio Pass on week-days, and have an early start to avoid the crowds.

Stelvio Pass will definitely make you an appetite for more and Switzerland and its amazing alpine roads is just a stone’s throw away.
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