Activity: Ferry Ride Palermo-Tunis

Ferry ride Palermo Tunis: the connection between Europe and North Africa. Enjoy a hearty breakfast, get your motorcycle gear on and ride to the Port of Palermo. Check in should be made 2 hours in advance and stay in line for border control. Be prepared to have your documents and luggage checked and board on to the ferry. The most emotional part of your journey is leaving your motorcycle to be tied down by people you don’t know. But under the advise of your tour guide, all will be well. Check into your cabin and explore the ship.

The ferry ride from Palermo to Tunis takes about 10 hours 30minutes. 10 long hours, that you can spend resting, getting in touch with your loved ones or watching a movie.

WIFI is available on the ferry, at the cost of about 12 euros.


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